PixiwooTribute: The Sisters Who Started It All

I was like every other girl, I wore some eyeliner and some mascara and called it a day. Then one boring night while wasting time on youtube, I decided to search "make up." That was only the beginning.
I was scrolling through the top video results for "make up videos" and the first one to catch my eye was the video that made me fall in love with makeup. It was Nicola Chapman's (aka PIXIWOO) audrey hepburn tutorial.

video credit: youtube.com

Maybe it was the way Nicola talked about the makeup, or how she gave so much attention and detail to the application... I don't know what exactly it was about this video, and I didn't know it at the time, but that was the begining of my love affair with makeup (and pixiwoo!!!)

photo credit: alaurentoherself.com
video credit: youtube.com
Pixiwoo was the catalyst for me. They ( sisters Samantha Chapman and Nicola Chapman) were the first videos I had ever watched, and to this day they remain my favorites in the makeup guru industry. Not only are they fabulous make up artists by their own right, they are also powerful forces in the cosmetics industry. Samantha Chapman is an inspirational entrepreneur, as she created her line of Real Techniques make up brushes.                                                                                                                                              

video credit: youtube.com

In short, they have always been my favorite makeup duo, and probably always will be. (You never forget your first!) I have never looked at makeup the same. Pixiwoo were the first to take my morning chore of makeup application and transform it into the art of becoming my more glamourous self.

Thank you Nicola and Sam! You're my inspiration :)

photo credit: blogspot.com