Makeup Geek Tribute: Marvelous Marlena

Marlena, and her infamous Make Up Geek legacy, are truly inspirational. Not only does she create really wonderful looks, she is a successful and innovative entrepreneur. What I love most about the wonderful products which Marlena offers is the fact that she kept price in mind. She is well known for providing great products at even greater prices. I for one am a HUGE fan of that! Among her many products, what I find most impressive is her line of brushes. They are priced between 4$ and 20$. Below is a photo of her MUG travel brush set.

MUG travel brush set: 19.99$
 Now for the makeup! Marlena has posted some of the most beautiful looks on youtube. What I particularly like most about her makeup style is the elaborate and colorful flare she brings to her famous eye looks. Here are some great examples of how Marlena takes colorful shadow to a whole other level.

Orchid Inspired Eye Look

Lily Inspired Eye Look

Another thing I love about the Makeup Geek concept is how Marlena makes tutorials that cater to lower incomes and tighter budgets; she constantly posts videos that encorporate the use of affordable drugstore products, and guess what? they are just as beautiful as the more "expensive" looks out there!

And finally, probably the best thing about Marlena's tutorials is that they actually TEACH viewers about the products and the application process itself. She's always giving helpful tips and detailed explanations when it comes to how she creates her lovely makeup looks.

Thanks Marlena! You really are an artist!
Makeup Geek's creator, Marlena